21 September 2011

Joe Fresh Beauty Week: Minimally Mod

Happy Wednesday! Hang in there, we're halfway to the weekend! That's my mantra anyway....so the weather finally turned cold and rainy here. I can't tell a fib - it's one of my favourite times of the year. The Pumpkin Spice Lattes are here, I don't feel guilty curling up in bed super early in the evenings and I finally get to wear all my fall clothes in lots of cozy layers. Awesome! Are you enjoying fall?

It's time for the third look in Joe Fresh Beauty Week! This one is a total throw-back to the super stylish 60's and I had so much fun putting it together.

The look: Minimally Mod - dramatic liner+pale lips

The base: After washing my face, I did my regular morning face routine of dabbing concealer around my eyes, nose and red areas, topping it off with translucent powder. I also used my own mascara.

Key Steps: To create the perfect mod look, take lots of time to focus on the eyeliner. I started with a super thin line and just built it up slowly from there. You can go as simple or dramatic as you want, while still keeping that 'Twiggy' influence. A touch of cream blush adds warmth and the lips are finished off with a dramatic coating of super light, super opaque lip gloss. 

How and where I'd wear this look: I think this is a great work look, with a little less wing on the eyeliner. For hair, you could do this look with it up or down but I really liked it paired with the topknot...plus if you wear your hear down, you risk getting your hair stuck in that thick gloss! This would be super pretty to pair with a dress and tights or cardigan - girly and sweet but still modern. I also think it's fun for a holiday party with some black or silver and sparkly!

*all Joe Fresh beauty products c/o Joe Fresh

Are you a 60's fan? Would you rock the Twiggy look?

If you haven't seen them yet, Monday was all about Vividly Modern here and on Tuesday I went Dramatically Smoky here! One more look to come tomorrow...

Hope your day is filled with wonderful things my friends!


  1. this is my fave look on you so far- it just looks so fresh and natural, and i love the light lips on you.

  2. My fave so far, too! So cute. Love the liquid liner :)

  3. Once again, your hair looks fab! I really love how your eyes pop with this look. And the light lip colour is so pretty.

  4. Looks great, I need some new makeup, might have to pop into superstore today :)

  5. That looks gorgeous! I love your hair styled like that too- you're right, it would be such a pretty look for a holiday party! I love liquid eyeliner but I'm still working on mastering it. My right eye always looks fine but my left eye is a big ol' mess! I need to work on being more ambidextrous. :)


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