23 September 2011

Sweet Style Steal: Delicate Dots

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you've had a great week and have many fun things planned for the weekend. Thanks for tuning in to Joe Fresh Beauty Week! A huge thanks to Joe Fresh for such fabulous, fun make-up at such great prices. It will be hard to resist a regular trip to the beauty section during my grocery shops at Superstore! If you missed any of the four Joe Fresh looks, you can see them all here.

I've always loved polka dots. There's actually a photo out there of me in Grade 9, wearing an oversized polka dot Le Chateau blouse buttoned up to the neck. I know it's dated, but I kind of still love that pic because polka dots have never really gone out of style for me. So it's great to see their resurgence in so many shops this fall.

But as usual, I'm on the hunt for a bargain, so even though I adore the box pleat neckline and gathered cap sleeves of this little gem by Zara, I'm not ready to part with $50. It's not a bad price for a good quality piece (plus I love how delicate the dots are) - but with my wishlist so long, I'm trying to extend it as far as I can!

via Zara

I can always count on Old Navy for pieces that are on trend for much less. For half the cost at $25, this polka dot top has a cute silhouette, pretty sleeves and a similar delicate pattern.

How about you friends? would you rather pay a little more for something that might last longer? Or are you looking for the best price?

Have a lovely, amazing weekend everyone! We'll be back to regularly scheduled programming now with Style Peeks back in the mix...


  1. dotted bliss! the darling box pleats on the 1st blouse are so pretty!!! you're so smart to include a cheaper and definitely cheerful version too.

    for me, it really depends on the piece, i'll pay more for the things that hit me up with a hard, solid YES but the others that leave me in a maybz mode get hacked pretty quick.

    thanks for coming by Lenore, love uniting with fellow Canadians. you rock! xoox ♥

  2. I've always had a thing for polka dots too! I haven't been to Old Navy in forever, but I really like the look of this top. Too cute :D


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