17 September 2011

Style Peek: ruffled jacket + silky birds dress

Happy weekend lovelies! Yesterday I had my big important client presentation and this is what I wore. The silky bird dress is proving very versatile and this time I paired it with a ruffled bomber jacket, wide belt, tights and booties. I felt very 'artsy chic', even though my feet hurt a touch cause I usually wear flats. This was another fashion risk for me, the tights with the booties and I'm so glad I tried it cause it's a super cute alternative to tall boots with dresses and skirts. Again, why was I so afraid???

I would normally wear a cardigan with an outfit like this but I found this thin little jacket and it seemed like a slightly edgy alternative. The wide belt is new for me too, it's the kind with the wide elastic around half of it. Look super uncomfortable but it's surprisingly not! It gives me an amazing hour glass I can't really get any other way. Do you like wide belts or have you been afraid of them too?

The meeting went great and I'm super excited for the possibilities of working with this client. Must have been the good luck outfit ;)

butterscotch ruffled bomber jacket: Forever 21+
silky bird dress: Forever 21+
wide faux leather belt: Forever 21+
black tights: very old!
black leather booties: Aldo

How's your weekend going? It's my first weekend in the city since the wedding and I'm taking advantage of the slow pace. Jack and I are having date night at a fave neighborhood restaurant (Bistro 7 1/4!) and tomorrow morning is family brunch for my grandma's birthday.

I've been working on a super cool series for this week and I think you're going to like it - more on that in the next couple of days!

How about you? Any fun plans?


  1. Lenore, it's happiness to discover your space. i can see the copywriter skills coming out and it's really rad to read along with the clever, concise shares you create. um, little chirpers all over that dress is swoon-swooning me into bliss. perfect for the presentation debut - love the camel color you put with it and wide belts rule. looks great on you!!

    i'm resting up a bit today after a rather hectic few weeks, we did get to a cool art show last night. it featured a GUY who does high-realism cross stitchings of all things. twas fun! have a wonderful rest of the weekend Lenore. ♥

  2. Love love LOVE this outfit...again, I might have to find that dress for myself! I have a similar pair of boots I got from American Eagle and I wore them all last fall/winter. Nice!!

  3. I think this jacket looks fab with this dress. And I love this look with tights and booties. There is something about this brown colour I am loving this season.

  4. The print on your dress is adorable! F21 dresses are usually very short-- I'm glad they are making them longer with vintage-inspired prints. I'm jealous that you're wearing both boots and tights. The weather hasn't cooled down yet in Texas!

  5. Glad the meeting went well! I have a similar figure and I always wear wide belts, I actually fear skinny belts, for some reason I'm not as comfortable in them.

  6. I love that dress! I tried looking for it on the website, but I guess it was last season.

    Anyway I really love your blog! Its great to find someone else with a curvy figure and from Canada :D Do you have twitter? I'll add you...I'm DomD.

  7. Great outfit! I love wearing wide belts and thights with booties...

  8. the bird pattern on your dress is so sweet. love it.

  9. Totally loving your outfit! That bird print has the be the cutest thing ever.


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