20 September 2011

Joe Fresh Beauty Week: Dramatically Smoky

Hey friends! If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I've broken out the sewing machine and started a new project. It's a simple skirt with an elastic waist, something to get my sewing juices flowing and give me some good practice. It's all part of my greater effort to get into a no new shopping mode. I'm hoping the skirt turns out wearable so I can add it to my fall remix items! Do you like to sew friends? Have you ever tried making your own clothes?

And welcome to day two of Joe Fresh Beauty Week! I had so much fun playing with all the stylish and affordable colours from Joe Fresh - they really are spot on trend without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, every time I go grocery shopping...I walk in with a $50 budget and walk out with another $50 worth of clothes and make-up!! Darn they're smart putting them so close to our 'must have' shopping items!

The look: Dramatically Smoky - dark eyes+bare face

The base: After washing my face, I did my regular morning face routine of dabbing concealer around my eyes, nose and red areas, topping it off with translucent powder. I also used my own mascara.

Key Steps: This look is all about the eyes. After defining my brows, I brushed the silver shadow all over my lid, then brushed the smoke shadow above the eye only - blending well. I brushed the smoke below the eye as well then lined the top and bottom with the liquid liner. Beginners beware, this liner is very smudgy and bleeds a little if you're not precise. Leave yourself time to do this step. Several coats of mascara and you are smoky! A light dab of blush and gloss completes the look.Don't be fooled by this gloss - despite the bright colour it's super sheer.

How and where I'd wear this look: I love a dark eye at night, but I think you could do a slightly lighter version of this for day as well. Just make sure you're pairing it with something a little more done up, nothing too casual or conservative. I love it with boots and a denim or leather jacket. It looks good with 2nd day hair as well! Don't forget the dry shampoo to muss it up!

*all Joe Fresh beauty products c/o Joe Fresh

What's your thoughts on the smoky eye? Fan? Too much?

Did you miss yesterday's look? Check out Vividly Modern here and stay tuned for two more looks coming Wednesday and Thursday!

Have a lovely day friends!


  1. Yesterday I went to the grocery store to get some lunch and I spent way too much time in the Joe Fresh clothing section. I almost walked out with a cute pair of leather booties but then I decided not to because I felt guilty. It's so hard too stay away from that section at the grocery store!

    Anyway, I have never tried the Joe Fresh makeup. It looks pretty good though. I am a huge fan of the smokey eye, especially at night. What dry shampoo do you use?

  2. Yes Lisa, it's an internal battle every time to stay away from the Joe Fresh section! The make-up is great for the price point - fun and up to date colours. I've tried all the dry shampoos out there, currently trying 'Batiste' and really happy with it so far (Shoppers).


  3. ooooh! I lovve these colours on you...or maybe it's the jean jacket...or both!

  4. Oh gosh, you look gorgeous. LOOOVE the smoky eyes. Come do my make up every single day!

  5. I'm so jealous of Joe Fresh! I wish there were one closer to me. Your smoky eye is smokin'! ;) I love doing a smoky eye when I'm going out.


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