30 September 2011

Style Peek: boho dress + cropped cardi

Happy Friday! What a week friends...work continues to be incredibly busy and I'm definitely feeling the stress. I've been looking for lots of ways to stay balanced - I started a new sewing project, I'm reading before bed, cooking comfort food and trying to get lots of sleep. How do you handle excessive stress?

Speaking of stressful, I was really nervous about posting The Coveter, but I really want to thank you for your overwhelmingly positive response. Your comments were so insightful and I really enjoyed reading them. We're all a work in progress, aren't we? Also to clarify, the post was really about me and my own insecurities and jealousies, not the email I received. It was about me giving a lot of thought to the fact that I often wish for things that other's have, when in fact, I have it pretty darn good. I hope you feel that too for yourself.

So true story about this dress - I often go the mall for work and everytime I enter through the Bay. For months, I've been eyeballing this adorable bohemian dress by Jessica Simpson and being sad everytime I check and they don't have my size. I'm a HUGE print gal and I was really drawn to the cream background, since so many dresses I own are anchored in black. Well....last week I walk in and took one more fruitless glance at the sizes and what do you know?? Jessica Simpson actually carries a lot of her collection in plus size and I had no idea. (I don't love the Above Average section at the Bay but check once in a while - you never know when you'll spot a gem.) So one of my dream dresses had wandered over and put itself in my path...at 50% off! Yes, I know what I said - but I couldn't resist. Forgive me. (I've already worn it 4 times...that's gotta count for something right??)

cropped coffee cardigan: The Gap (old)
gold cutout flats: Steve Madden (old)

What are you plans for the weekend friends?


  1. I love that print and the little knot necklace you paired with it!

  2. Dominique/AndromacheSeptember 30, 2011 at 1:06 PM

    Cute dress!
    Sometimes the Bay has killer sales. I find it hard to shop there because ours are so confusing, hot (not ventilated), and understaffed!
    I'm going to Oktoberfest this weekend (in Ontario) and I'll post about it on my blog debut next week (TheYellowChair.blogspot.com)

  3. I think The Bay has really stepped up it's game and carries alot of really great items. Like this dress for example. It's beautiful and it's perfect for fall!


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