14 September 2011

Style Peek: silky bird dress + tall caramel boots

I swear, this mustard cardigan was one of my best buys ever. It flows so nicely from summer to fall. Yes, I broke out the old boots and I'm so glad I did - it was chilly with a capital C and windy. Our wind here in Winnipeg can be so cutting! As for my fashion risk - it's my first time pairing the knee socks with the tall boots and I am in lurve. So comfy and cute. I hope fall lasts so I can wear this look many more times!

This bird dress was a true find! The pattern is super sweet and I adore how I feel in it. It's silky, so a bit out of my comfort zone but the blousy top and high waist is just the right cut for me. Okay, enough gushing. I just love fall layering, okay?

Thanks for all your tips about key fall items and for letting me know about the Hue tights sale at the Bay :) I'm going to have to hop on over there!

birds dress - Forever 21+
mustard cardigan - Gap
woven leather belt - Old Navy
taupe knee socks - Gap
brown leather boots - Steve Madden (via Shoe Company - similar here)
necklace - Etsy

So I took a fashion risk with the knee socks/boots combo...what fashion risk are you going to try? 

Let's be {style} brave together friends...


  1. oh! this is my favorite outfit ever. it's so cute!
    do you shop at forever 21 or do you buy online? i've always been nervous to peruse there, never sure which ones carry the extended sizes..

  2. Too cute! Mustard and rust are my go-to colors to mix in with my neutral palette this fall. Love the knee-high socks. I always roll mine under, but now I'll try it this way!

    This sounds silly, but I did actually take a fashion risk today and wore a scarf as part of my outfit rather than as outwerwear. I finally found a way to wrap and tie that looks cute--we'll see how long I last with something around my neck!

  3. Love the gray brown combo - what a fab outfit! I'm wearing bright red tights with a brown cord skirt today - that's my fashion risk of the week, I think! (Julie K)

  4. I think I would have frozen wearing that outfit yesterday... I don't like fall, I'm very sensative to cold and need to bundle up far too much.

  5. Hue tights are on sale at The Bay? Well, it looks like today will be a good day for a downtown adventure!

    The minute I saw the socks and boots, I went: "Yes, trying that again this year!" until I saw it was -1, so I'll likely go with tights and socks and boots and still wish I had more layers when standing at Portage and Main

  6. love love love this look! I'm a big fan of the knee sock and boot combo. Tried it last year, and at some point, even did a knee sock over a tight to add some pattern (pattern in the sock).

  7. The main sale was on late last week (buy one, get one 50% off), but I think the clearance sale continues (an additioanl 50% off anything marked down). I got two pair of Hue tights for $7! (Juile K)

  8. I LOVE that dress! It is so cute... I too love the socks and boot combo. On those cold AB days I wear tights/leggings under the socks too. Layering and layering and layering...

  9. Love, love this whole outfit!! Your hair really complements the look too! Contrasting colors seem to suit you best. (That's the ex-hairdresser coming out in me!!)Not sure if you're warm or cool color person, need to see in person except I'm in Australia!!! Think you might be warm?!

  10. Thanks girls...so glad to hear some fashion risks in there - why are we even afraid to wear something we like?? My goal is to just go for it!

    And thanks for the additional info on the Bay sale on Hue...may have to go check it out this weekend.

    Jamie - I shop at the store - we have one here that carries the extended sizes - go check yours out to see, it's worth it!!

    Courtney - I think I'm warm!


  11. I LOVE knee socks and boots. That is definitely a fashion risk taking. I absolutely love your hair pinned back like this. It shows off your pretty face!


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