12 September 2011

Style Peek: olive cardi + slouchy tank + jeggings

It kind of felt like the first day of school today, after being away for a week and a half and the super cool weather that rolled in. Good think I just put together my fall wardrobe workhorses! I put three of them to good use today (olive cardi, scarf and jeggings). It might even be cool enough for....gasp...boots! tomorrow. We'll see. 

I'm kind of liking the change in the air, like a breath of fresh new air. It means all kinds of good new things on the horizon! Right now I'm trying to focus myself and get back into my routine. I'd really like to get back into more furniture painting, I have some fun things planned for the blog, plus I'm teaching my Intro to Social Media and Intro to Blogging courses again this fall and winter at Red River College. So many things swirling around in my head..I'm trying really hard to slow my pace a bit - summer was pretty hectic. For now, I'm curling up for the Bachelor Pad finale (terrible, I know!) and enjoying the downtime. How about you? How are you feeling these days?

olive cardigan - Old Navy
white slouchy pocket tank - Old Navy
jeggings - Gap
gold necklace - Target
owl print scarft - local boutique Out of the Blue
brown leather flats - Aldo

Is it cooling off where you are? Are you looking forward to the changing in seasons?

Hope you all have a great day friends!


  1. Love the outfit - especially the colours in the scarf! I'm a little jealous of the courses you're teaching! I thought I had a pretty good handle on social media, so when my brother-in-law was looking for someone to do social media for his business, I offered my services. He laughed and said: "No, like someone who actually does social media". Hrmm.... maybe I should take your class!

  2. Marriage becomes you, Lenore!

  3. Welcome back Lenore!! I have been a reader of your blog for a looong time, but this is my first comment. Yeah, I know, sorry bout that! I'm really enjoying the directional change your blog has taken and I can't wait to see where else you take it. Congrats on the wedding and all the best! P.S weather is just starting to warm up here in Oz, yay!!

  4. I'm kind of diggin the cooler weather too! And I just purchased a black and white plaid shirt and comfy leggings from Old Navy, and then I scored a leather pair of dark brown riding/cowboyish boots at Shoe warehouse for $90 from $190 on the clearance rack!!
    I also watched the Bachelor Pad finale last night... every lat minute of it. Would you have shared the money if you were Michael???

  5. Thanks lovely ladies! Cara - my class is for super beginners, like parents of kids using social media, my mom...etc! You're way too advanced for it.

    Meghan - I would have taken that dang money and RAN! She did not deserve it for what she did...


  6. Cute!

    Also, I'm pretty sure we're pants twins... I haven't worn mine yet, but I'm super excited to pull them out for the first time this week!

    I am SO READY to layer again. I'm just so much more comfortable when I'm covered up - summer is a unique form of torture :)

    (I agree about Bachelor Pad. And thanks for making me feel less lame for watching it! hehe)


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