15 September 2011

Style Peek: shawl sweater + jeggings + caramel boots

Work is exploding with busy-ness this week so comfort is key and with the crazy changing seasons - layering is a must! I mixed and matched a few of my fall workhorses in this outfit, like my creamy shawl sweater and jeggings. I promise you'll be seeing a lot of these caramel boots cause I love them so much :) Who says checks plus florals don't go together?? Go ahead, mix and match - have fun with your closet, that's why it's there!

winter white shawl sweater - Gap
mustard buffalo checked button-up shirt - Old Navy (similar)
floral layering tank - Old Navy
jeggings - Gap

Plus my poor little Gus is sick with a nasty ear infection! We got him to the vet and he's getting his medicine but he's definitely getting extra cuddles this week, and not just cause it's fall cuddle weather!

Hope you're all enjoying fall cuddle weather friends! How are you keeping busy these days?


  1. I love the sweater shawl, I have one similar (but cable knit), and I would definitely be wearing it more if it wasn't dry clean only, and if I didn't love rice and egg covered cuddles with my niece. Reason #1 I can't wait to start work - an excuse to wear nice clothes where they won't get dirty!

  2. Perfect for fall ;)


  3. How cozy is that sweater shawl? It's perfect for the change in temperature...which came way too fast if you ask me!

  4. I think checks and floral go together just fine. It's a really nice, comfortable looking outfit :)


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