03 September 2011

Wedding Guest Post: Home Styling Tips from A Design Dock

Hello everyone! Amy here from A Design Dock and I am tickled pink to be guest posting here on Lather.Write.Repeat., while Lenore takes a MUCH deserved break to celebrate her Wedding Day and enjoy her honeymoon! Congrats Lenore to you and your new Hubby! xoxo

Lenore asked that I share one of my favourite fashion or home decor accessories with you. Being a design enthusiast, I of course opted to share something from my home, but choosing a fav from an apartment filled with beloved goodies wasn't easy. After some serious soul-searching, I settled on one of my first loves in home decor - vintage blown glass. 

I'm a vintage-mod girl to the core. Honestly, I should have grown up in the "Fifties" when cute dresses, school dances and coloured appliances were a part of everyday life. Since I've yet to develop a time machine, I get my "Fifties" fix through retro accessories like this vintage blown glass dish. I love the dish for its vibrant colour, organic shape and affordable price tag. Best of all, this dish works in almost every room of the house. Here's just 3 ways to bring vintage charm in your home with blown glass:

Filled with the sweetest bonbons, this dish is the perfect addition to a fun and casual coffee table vignette. For a sweet-lover like myself, there is no better design tableau than this!

Keep clutter in check at your front entry by using this dish to corral mail, cards and keys. Finish off the look with local artwork for an earthy-vibe.  *Artwork credits: Susan Lumley / My Grandma [flower card] ; Louise Kollinger [orange lady]

Create functional artwork in the bedroom by displaying your favourite jewelry pieces in this dish. For best results, leave some pieces draped over the sides of the bowl and others pooled at the bottom of the dish.

If you want to come say hi, you can find me over at A Design Dock or read my guest posts on the Style at Home blog!



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  2. Love this style :) great photos

  3. i am with you on loving the 50's! i would love to go back to simpler times anyhow, and more dressy days i think! your images are beautiful!

  4. Oooh, thanks Tereza and Cassie :) Sooooo glad I'm not the only lover of by-gone days. Maybe we should just band together and bring the 50's back in full force. xo amy

  5. I love your vintage blown glass bowl Amy! I have one too - all clear without colour. I brought it home and my son (he's 23 now) said, "You bought this for me?!" Ya... right kid!! Keep yours close, Amy 'cause you know someone is coveting it!! LOL!
    P.S. Congrats to Lenore and her Guy!!!!!

  6. Haha...thank you Edin! Love that your son and I share a love for vintage glassware. LOL. I'll be sure to keep a close eye on my lil' collection!

  7. Fabulous 50's. Your creativity brings it comfortably and chicly into 2011. Great post Amy - thanks for sharing.

  8. Thank you Ren. Nice to meet you too!! And thank you Bev. I love the way you've phrased that. It makes me sound more sane than I actually am!

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