18 September 2011

My Weekend and Joe Fresh Beauty Week

Hey everyone, how's your Sunday? I'm having a lovely weekend - lots of relaxing, some 'How I met your mother' (how did I just know discover this awesomeness??), date night at one of our fave restaurants and family brunch this morning. My sister brought up the idea of doing something a little different for Christmas this year (we're planners, okay?) and we came up with the idea of handmade gifts. We're a pretty crafty family and pretty soon the ideas were flying around with people making requests based on favourite crafty talents....I'm super pumped about it already!

Also, I've been clothes shopping a lot lately and feeling like it's time to tone it down for a while. I have a few parcels still to arrive, then I'm going to take a personal challenge to only remix my current wardrobe, buy thrifted pieces and make/swap pieces. I haven't decided how long for yet...I know it will be tough for me but maybe a month or two to start? Who's with me? I was so inspired for this one that I picked up a few things for a simple sewing project...we'll see how that transpires, I'll keep you posted if it's wearable!

One last thing, I'm so so excited to announce that this week is Joe Fresh Beauty Week on the blog! Before the wedding, Joe Fresh was kind enough to send me a make-up bag full of colourful goodies to try. I had so much fun playing with them and I've put together 4 distinct make-up looks to inspire and that easily be recreated for super affordable prices. Hope you come check them out!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend friends!


  1. I'm actually thinking of making a no-shopping vow of sorts myself. My spending has gotten a little out of control the last couple of months. I think it's going to be hard, but I think it could be beneficial in the long run and make me think more carefully about the items I do have in my wardrobe and the future purchases that I make.

  2. Ooooouu. I can't wait to see the JF looks!

    P.S HIMYM is addictive. I watched one episode then all the seasons within a few weeks.

    Neil Patrick Harris is the best.


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