11 September 2011

Post-Wedding Randoms

Helllooooo! It feels so good to be back, typing away on my Macbook on a Sunday morning while sipping hot coffee. Except this time, I'm married! Truth is, it doesn't really feel that different and I'm okay with that. It just feels really good. The wedding was absolutely amazing, filled with so much love from family and friends - Jack and I are super blessed. I promise once I get some pictures I will share.

We spent a week relaxing at J's cabin after the wedding, so here's a little cheesy tourism pic of us at the Killarney entrance! Gus was totally not cooperating with the camera...

I had packed for cool September weather and would you believe it hit +30 almost every single day we were there?? So I pretty much had to wear the same thing every day. Fashion horror! Not that I had anyone to see me, we passed our days relaxing, Jack did lots of fishing, reading, going for walks and watching movies. One day we took out the camera (Jack has been wanting to get better acquainted and I'm still learning!) and we played around with the prairie landscape. I made him take some outfit shots of me and at one point I think he actually said 'work it!'. 

I even snuck in a few of him too....I love these shots.

And a few other randoms.

I hope you enjoyed hearing from all my guest bloggers over the last 9 nine days, they did an incredible job and I encourage you to check out all of their awesome blogs. Thank you to Rosemary, Amy, Lorraine, Rebecca, Cassie, Lisa, Krystal, Ren and Jamie! To catch up on all the Wedding Guest Posts you can go here!

Eeek, back to work tomorrow.....plus I've been thinking a ton about the direction of the blog, fall projects, fall fashion.....so much!! I'm sure I'll be back soon babbling about it all.

Tell me friends, how has your week been?


  1. Killarney!?! Like Killarney MB?!?! I grew up there! Hope you enjoyed it and that the lake wasn't too green! And hope the wedding was everything you wanted it to be!

  2. I really enjoyed your guests this past week, but look forward to seeing what you have to say in the upcoming weeks! Congratulations on your wedding...

  3. Congrats on getting married! So glad I found you this week through INDIEblogger, it's nice to meet other Canadians :) My week was great, ran my first 5K!

  4. Congratulations! I wish you both many, many years of happiness together!

  5. Aaahhhh...Welcome back Lenore :) Thanks again for having me here guest posting - so honoured! Killarney rocks! My friend has a cabin close by and spent July long there. Sooooo relaxing. Love it. And speaking of love...loooove these photos. Gorgeous!

  6. Missed you!!

    I thought I was the only one who took kitschy couple foot pictures. I'm in good company! ;)

  7. Oh yay!!! You're married and home safely and loving married life! :) Thanks again for the opportunity to guest blog for you! Cannot WAIT to see pictures from your wedding....your pre-wedding posts gave us all a taste of your incredible style and wedding design plans. Soooo yeah, looking forward to pics. Also, I know the "thinking a ton about the direction of the blog" feeling. Me too! ;) Can't wait to see where Lather goes :)

  8. love the little sneak peek into your honeymoon- love that Gus was there too (even if he didn't cooperate with the camera!!)
    So excited to see photos from the wedding-
    Thanks for having me as part of your wedding guest posts- I feel honored- all the best, Ren

  9. oh wow! congrats to you both on this beginning of a new chapter in your lives. many, many blessings!!!

    i adore all these snaps from your honeymoon, you two are cute overloads and Gus, well he's a trooper even if he wasn't feeling the "say cheese" moment with ya ; ) awe, love to the love happy posts like this. gets me super mushy crushy, like a teenager all over again. you have a gorgeous blog lades. ♥


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