13 September 2011

Sweet Style Steal: Chunky Cable Knit Sweater

Sweaters! I love a big snuggly sweater. It feels good and let's be honest - sometimes it's nice to hide inside. I heart summer but sometimes it's hard to always be baring so much skin. It's time to cocoon...

So during my online window shopping, I stumbled across this gorgeous handknit Italian merino wool sweater from J. Crew. Amazing right? The yummy caramel colour, the chunky cable detailing...and - wait for it - the sticker shock! Yup, $374 big ones. Wowza! Not in my budget baby.

So I found you this little steal from Old Navy for a mere $36.94. Cozy softness...check. Warm fall colour...check. Cute knit detailing...check. NOT a week's worth of pay...check. You're welcome.

Have you found any sweet style steals lately friends? Even watching the New York Fashion Week shows for Spring 2012, I'm already excited to see how my fave affordable shops will interpret the saturated colours and sporty trends. There's always a way to do it for less!

Have an amazing day!


  1. I am soooooo into knits and crochet sweaters and shrugs lately! Tis the season for it after all! These two are gorgeous....but I love the smaller price tag.....but making your own is even more of a deal!
    come by and see what I've been working on in my last two posts!

    have a good one chicky!

    ciao bella

    Creative CArmelina

  2. Wow what a steal! That looks so comfy. Lovin the color of the ON one... And it is totally sweater weather today :)


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