16 September 2011

Style Peek: sweater coat + chambray tunic + navy tights

This is kind of the comfiest outfit ever....seriously, leggings with a tunic and a sweater coat? Yes please.    I was on the fence about leggings for a long time but I decided to go with the general rule of no bum/no crotch and you're good! Plus with my boots you're really only seeing  a few inches of tights. But boy are they hella comfy :) Granted, this isn't the most flattering silhouette but hey - sometimes a girl just wants to feel free. Especially when work is so busy....big client meeting today, so who knows - you might see me in something fancy soon!

grey sweater coat - Gap
chambray tunic - PURE Alfred Sung via Zellers
navy leggings - Hue
fawn earrings - Hotcakes via Silver Lotus

In honour of being kind of shlumpy, I wore my new fawn earrings - I saw them at my fave local jewellery boutique Silver Lotus and just couldn't resist. I have had a similar pair for years with little birds in them from the same designer. These seemed like a sweet little touch of fall!

Hope you have a fab Friday! Any big plans for the weekend?


  1. You're making me want to reach for all of my chunky knit sweaters! It's so hard to resist! I'm trying to keep them out of rotation until the snow falls... at least it will give me a little pick-me-up as we head into the cold winter!

  2. Ha! I love tights and a tunic too and always follow the no bum no crotch rule! I hate it when I see girls wearing black tights and tops that are too short. This outfit is right up my alley. Those earrings are super cute too :)


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