08 September 2011

Wedding Guest Post: Fall Wish List from Village

First off, Lenore...I can't believe you're getting married and I can't believe how long it's already been that I've been reading your blog and I also can't believe that I'm all..sad that I"m not there to celebrate with you! I wish you the BEST of days for your wedding day, with all my heart!

Secondly...these two things (lamp // bag ) would make me a happy girl - I'd feel so polished with both of them...or as people around here like to say 'posh'.

So that Lenore dear, is what I'm coveting today ;) What are you all coveting for fall?



  1. Ahhh that bag is beautiful! xxx


  2. Krystal, you're totally my go-to person when it comes to bags. Start your own line or something. Like a housewife.

  3. Great another post!eden gold
    I follow this blog with RSS and its great!

  4. LOVE Krystal and all her visionary shares of insp! this & that triumph! happy wedded bliss Lenore - gonna explore your blog more now, especially since the Canadian connection makes me happy right off the bat! cheers girls, great guestage. ♥


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