22 September 2011

Joe Fresh Beauty Week: Freshly Pretty

Hey all! Today's the last day of Joe Fresh Beauty Week and here's the fourth and final look. I saved the most wearable everyday look...I love the soft pinks. They look good on everyone and look so light and fresh.

So project sew skirt #1 was a success in the sense that I finished it and learned a ton. It's not super wearable but I'm already working on my 2nd one with many, many lessons learned! It's funny how quickly I became well-acquainted with the sewing machine...it was so daunting only a short time ago. Practice makes perfect!

The look: Freshly Pretty - pink cheeks+glossy lips

The base: After washing my face, I did my regular morning face routine of dabbing concealer around my eyes, nose and red areas, topping it off with translucent powder. I also used my own mascara.

Key Steps: This look is all minimalism. A little pink shadow, a swipe of mascara, a few dabs of cream blush and a  coating of gloss. So, so simple...

How and where I'd wear this look: The question really is - where CAN'T you wear this look? This really is the closest to my go-to everyday look and I love how soft and pretty it is. Hair up, hair down, jeans and a tee, dress and heels - it goes with everything!

*all Joe Fresh beauty products c/o Joe Fresh

I think we all have our make-up routines we really love...this is my kind of everyday look! What's your everyday look?

Hope you have an amazing day friends!


  1. Aww..I love this post and you look so beautiful, sweetie. What a stunning gloss shade. Have a lovely Thursday. Kisses

  2. Side braids are my favourite! Lovely look.

  3. Very pretty! It looks so natural but also so glowy and pretty. LOVE the side braid (wish my hair were still long enough to do it *sadface*)

  4. love this look, too- i tend to love the more natural looks.

  5. I seriously want to buy all those products. You look so fresh faced...Just beautiful!

  6. i'm really liking all your makeup looks lately - i'm pretty makeup averse, and have no real clue how to put it on, but i like that these looks are like, "i'm wearing makeup! don't i look pretty?" instead of '"I'M WEARING MAKEUP!!! DON'T I LOOK PRETTY?!?!" minimal and lovely.

  7. Your hair looks SUPER cute like that - I think I might try it too! Thanks !

  8. girl, Joe Fresh is a beloved institution for so many reasons...mainly in the past it's been their awesome clothing but now you've really opened my eyes up to their makeup possibilities. thanks a bunch! love all the looks you've nailed, especially adored your take on the bright fuchsia lipstick. congrats on the sewing success too! xoox ♥

  9. So natural and so pretty! For a girl who doesn't really wear much makeup, this is my favourite look of the bunch!


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