02 September 2011

Wedding Guest Post: Marriage Advice from Ro Ro Ro Your Blog

Hello lovely Lather Write Repeat readers!

 I’m Rosemary and I blog over at Smitten, Glamour magazine’s daily sex and relationships blog. I also run Ro Ro Ro Your Blog, a personal blog where I dish about books, bikes, pets, fashion and everything in between. I’m ridiculously excited to be guest posting for Lenore while she takes some (well-deserved) time off to tie the knot.

image via Meg Perotti

Chris and I got married last May at a charming historic estate in Southern California. Funny enough, he took field trips there in elementary school! Our first year of marriage flew by and even though we dated for a loooong time before getting hitched, this past year was absolutely our most memorable. I’d love to share a few lessons I’ve learned from year one of marriage.

1. There’s still some mystery. We lived together before we were married and quite a few pearl-clutching naysayers warned us that because of this, there would be no mystery left in our romantic lives.

However, they couldn’t be more wrong. That being said…

2. Keep some aspects of your lives separate. He’s big on MMORPG (online video games for the uninitiated) and I get giddy when new magazines hit newsstands. I’m not interested in learning the finer points of Final Fantasy and he’s not terribly eager to compare September issues. It’s quite refreshing to have an interest or hobby that’s yours alone.

3. Don’t keep score. It doesn’t matter who did the dishes last or who forgot to take out the trash. At the end of the day, you’re with the person you love and that’s the most important thing of all.

4. Take each other out on dates. Get dressed up, head someplace fancy and treat yourselves. Remember those butterflies you used to get when you two first started dating? You can still experience them by making your married date nights just as special.

5. Lean on each other. When you’re stressed, feeling down or just out of sorts, looking to your spouse for strength can help you like nothing else.

Thanks for letting me guest post, Lenore! And best wishes to you and your lucky husband-to-be!

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  1. GREAT advice. i have been married 8 yrs this month, and we lived together for about 2 yrs before also. but i still need to remind myself NOT to keep score and to lean on my husband... thanks for the reminders! :) happy marriages are marriages where both people are willing to put the work in!

  2. Yes! It's sooo important to keep some aspects of your lives separate. Excellent advice Rosemary!

  3. great- post- not keeping score is so important- such cute photos- lovely to meet you!

  4. Awww! Thanks guys! :) Nice meeting you all, too! XOXO

  5. This is soooo cute Rosemary :) Your wedding photo is so lovely!

  6. aww, i loved all of your advice and it's all so true :)


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