31 August 2011

Style Peek: hearts dress + boho accessories

2 more sleeps! Woo hoo! I can't wait to get married...when you wait 34 years to find Mr. Right, you kind of can't wait to get going. Today is my last day of work, the wedding is Friday and Sunday we're taking off for a week of rest and relaxation at J's cabin in Killarney. Our 'proper' honeymoon will be next year to Boston and Cape Cod. The next few days are filled with a whirlwind of visits, finishing up projects, rehearsal and other fun things. My mom scheduled us for mani/pedis tomorrow which is a TOTAL indulgence for me...can't wait! I'm working hard to set up all my amazing guest posts that will be happening while I'm away. So don't stop reading - you will be introduced to some awesome bloggers and cool stuff.

So remember this hearts dress I bought a month or so ago? I raved about the versatility and it doesn't disappoint. I paired it with super casual boho-type accessories, like this linen floral scarf, long pendant and sweater vest. I'll admit, I wore the vest trend the first time around (hello 1991!) so I cringed a touch when I saw them in stores - but this cute $5 sale rack number from Old Navy is turning out to be one of my fave new accessories for fall! Sometimes you gotta just try something new!
hearts dress - Forever21+
floral scarf - H&M
sweater vest - Old Navy
pendant necklace - gift from J
brown flip flops - Joe Fresh

Here's a reminder of how I styled the hearts dress last time I wore it - more preppy, girly and polished! Yay for remixing, it's like a totally different dress.

Which look do you prefer? I'm having trouble deciding...

Hope you all have an awesome day friends!


  1. Have so much fun these next few days Lenore! A later honeymoon might work to your advantage - we left two after getting hitched and I got suuuuper sick. Looking forward to posts about the wedding when you return! :)

  2. Totally looks like a brand new outfit! I've yet to master the art of wearing a scarf for fashions sake alone, and not for keeping warm. Is there some kind of secret to it?

  3. I'm so with you on the vest repeat...I can't quite get behind it yet. Maybe I just haven't found the right one.

    have a geat last day at work, and oh-so-much fun at your wedding. Make it a party to remember!

    And enjoy Killarney. I'm originally from Boissevain, but I think I'm related to about half of Killarney. Stop in Ninga (next village over) at the Ninga cafe for lunch - homemade bread and pies and soups and I bet you can get the whole meal for under $10 each! And check out The Station in Boissevain and the Crazy Daisy Emporium for some awesome fashion finds - they're even doing vintage out there!

  4. 2 more?? this is crazy. that is like soon!

  5. Lenore I am so excited for you as you count down to your big day, lots of exciting things to do, such as the manicures etc, all part of the fun transformation into the beautiful bride :) My wedding day was in 2001 and it still is and will always be one of the best days of my life...enjoy yours, it goes too fast! Can't wait to see the post with the wedding pics in it :)

    xx Karen

  6. Cute look, Lenore, and congratulations! Enjoy your wedding day and your time off afterwards. I wish you and your man many more happy years together.

  7. LOVE the earthy//bo-ho feel of the first combo! So great..


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