01 August 2011

The Story Behind...Blue's Vintage Jewellery Stand

Hello everyone and thank you so much for your kind words about my grandma, I'm definitely feeling the love you're sending. On a happier note today, I'm so excited to welcome you to the very first edition of 'The Story Behind...'. This is a brand new column that showcases your favourite pretty/charming/awesome thing (whether it's a piece of clothing, accessory, item in your home decor) and tells the story behind it and why you love it so much! I've really been working on ways to make this blog more of an interactive community and I'm thrilled to be sharing your loves and your blogs.

Our very first one features Blue's pretty and unique jewellery stand. Here's her story...

A few weeks ago, I was in Buffalo, NY visiting my host family (I was an exchange student in High School there a few years ago).  A few friends and I were walking in the Elmwood village, a more alternative neighborhood, and saw a sign saying Serendipity Shoppe in front of the church. There were more signs, we followed them and went around the church and down the stairs. In the basement was this wonderful store full of treasures other people had dontated. Several rooms filled with old furniture, lamps, bags, books, pictures, hats, everything you can imagine. 

That's where I found this étagère/cake stand for $5.44. It's perfect to store my jewelry, because now my favorite pieces are in plain sight (I'm one of those girls who forget about certain pieces if not displayed out in the open...). It enhances my room, is practical and will make my dorm room in college more unique, and more beautiful. The best thing is that all proceds from Serendipity Shoppe benefit the Buffalo AIDS Fund of WNY, Inc, so it is more than a win-win!

Thanks Blue! I love the idea of using vintage dishes to store your jewellery - it's so pretty to have them as part of your decor. Be sure to stop by Blue's blog Metaphors in Blue and say hello!

Have something special that you'd like to submit for 'The Story Behind...'? Send me a picture to lhume1@mts.net and include your story (don't forget your blog link or Facebook/Twitter page so I can include it!). Have a question? Drop me a line over on Twitter

Have a lovely day friends and enjoy your holiday Monday my Canadian peeps!


  1. I love this! Thank you so much fore featuring this jewelry stand!

  2. this jewelry stand is so pretty ^^ I am looking for one o decorate my new room too! x

  3. This is an awesome new column!! What a lovely jewelry stand, too. Now I have to dig around to find something worthy of being submitted ;)


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