08 August 2011

Style Peek: silky graphic top + cropped skinny jeans

Hey there! I was so excited to get dressed this morning so I could wear this new top I bought yesterday at Forever 21 (only $23 smackers)! I was immediately drawn into the gorgeous colour palette of muted coral, mouse grey and pale cream. It's silky, so it makes me feel a bit dressed up and I'm feeling a bit of a 70's vibe (hence the centre part in my hair!). 

Would you believe I first wore the top loose? It looked so dumpy but that's what I'm used to so it's my first instinct. This blog is really showing me about proportions and how they work on me - so simply tucking in a little piece of the top was instantly more slimming. Thank goodness I have this blog to keep me in check :)

silky graphic top - Forever 21/Faith 21
cropped skinny jeans - Gap (well they're regular length but cropped on me!)
coral and gold necklace - Forever 21
gold flats - Steve Madden

What decade of fashion inspires you friends? Do you love the leggy flare jeans and silky blouses of the 70's? The jolts of neon and leggings of the 80's? Maybe you're more of a tailored dresses of the 50's kind of gal? I'd love to hear!


  1. I love cropped jeans! I'm all over the place as far as period dress, but I'm a late fifties/early sixties girl at heart.

  2. just love the top and necklace! great finds and you look fab!

  3. OMG - I am SPRINTING to forever 21 to get that top tonight! I might die!


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