21 August 2011

Style School: 9 Looks for Boots + Jeans

Happy Sunday and welcome to the very first edition of Style School! Since I'm always playing around in my closet trying to make new looks, I thought I invite you in here with me. Since we're heading into fall (at least here in Canada!), I have fall clothes on the brain. I've been going through my fall boot collection and planning for some cooler weather looks. 

Doesn't it seem like we're in a trend of 'anything goes'? For boots, it's tall boots, short boots, flat boots, heeled boots, booties....it seems like whatever your style, there's a way to work it. Not much is really 'out' per say, plus I strongly believe in wearing what you love - even if it's not in this month's magazine. Same goes with jeans - boot cut, wide leg, skinnies, jeggings, boyfriends....I love that we're not restricted to one style.

I chose 3 pairs of boots and 3 pairs of jeans to see how many looks I could make. Add in the tops and imagine the possibilities! Here's how I plan on mixing and matching this season:

With jeggings....

1. Tall riding boots -  streamlined and easy. Try pairing with long button-down and flowy scarf.

2. Chunky heeled booties - very feminine, try pairing with a loose blouse and nipped in cardigan.

3. Flat Slouchy boots - casual and relaxed, try pairing with an oversized belted sweater.

With bootcut jeans...

1. Tall riding boots - Try pairing with a flowy blouse and boyfriend blazer.

2. Chunky heeled booties - Try pairing with a tucked-in feminine blouse and statement earrings.

3. Flat Slouchy boots - Try pairing with a long tank under a v-neck sweater.

With baggy boyfriend jeans...

1. Tall riding boots - Try pairing with a belted drapey tunic and layered necklaces.

2. Chunky heeled booties - Try pairing with a simple white tee and embellished cardigan.

3. Flat Slouchy boots - Try pairing with casual hoodie with ruffled details.



Hope you enjoyed Style School friends! 

Do you have any other fab boot/jeans combos in mind for fall?


  1. I'm really hoping that skinny jeans and jeggings don't go out - nothing is better for tucking into boots for the prairie winters! I'm definitely going to hold on mine either way! One thing I'm looking forward to for fall is boots and dresses. Hopefully, once we're moved into Winnipeg and I find a job, I'll be able to wear them to work!

  2. Adorable installment! I too love this moment in fashion when we're between trends and anything goes.

  3. Cute! I love that fashion and home fashion are both pushing individuality!

  4. LENORE! I love the whole idea of Style School, and this is a great post!!! You've got me wanting to dig out my boots and play dress up! ;)


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