28 August 2011

Delightful DIY: Vintage Birdcage Wedding Card Holder

Hey friends! Hope you're having a good Sunday! I'm on the homestretch and finishing up all my last-minute wedding projects. I finally got my act together and started putting together some posts for you all. Here's a project I've been working on for the welcome table. I knew I wanted something very three-dimensional and vintage-looking to hold cards and when I found this reproduction birdcage at Value Village for $7, I snapped it up.

I didn't love the boring silver colour, so I dug around my paint supplies in order to give it a bit more character. *Please note: many of my wedding DIYs will be very 'corner cutting' oriented so take my steps with a grain of salt, you could easily put a bit more effort into this if you want!

I had white rust primer on hand, so after cleaning it, I set up outside and gave it several coats of spray primer. If I had more time, I would have painted over the primer with a nice antique white spray paint. But I settled for white due to my giant 'to do' list!

After the paint was dry, I used a sanding sponge to go over it and take off bits of the paint to give it a more aged and rustic feel. This was followed by a few coats of clear white spray finish to lock in the paint.

I printed off a label using the same paper and font used for the wedding invites and tied it on the birdcage with twine.

Supplies Cost:
-reproduction vintage birdcage: $7 at Value Village
-Spray primer and spray finish - on hand in my studio
-cream cardstock and twine - on hand as part of my wedding supplies

There you go, fairly simple and definitely 'my' personality! Can't wait to see the whole welcome table come together....there's lots of other goodies I'm working on.

Have a lovely Sunday friends!


  1. you have no idea how excited i am to see some wedding photos :)

  2. that is adorable! it will be such a nice touch!

  3. You are lucky to have found that lovely cage! I have certainly been looking and have had not been fortunate enough to find one that isn't ridiculously expensive. :(


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