11 August 2011

Style Peek: floral skirt + slouchy tank + navy cardi

I had a big client meeting today (hello nerves!) so I put on my best 'business casual'. Luckily, working in a creative field like advertising, the copywriter gets to express herself a little more than in some more conservative industries. 

I love grey and navy together, I think it's such a pretty neutral combination. Looking at these pictures, I've come to the realization that I'll never really be 'edgy'. I'm a bit of a prep at heart...but I'm okay with that.

navy cardigan - Gap
grey suede flats - Aldo
necklace - Silver Lotus boutique in Winnipeg

What's your go-to outfit for an important meeting friends? Do you work in a conservative office or do you get to put a little more of yourself into your daily outfits?

Hope you have a lovely day!


  1. You look great :) I love that skirt and your hair! xo

  2. Cute outfit Lenore! You seriously have the best closet of clothes EVER! Can't wait to see what you put on next.

  3. I've never been good at rocking a suit. I always opt for a dress or skirt combo. You look darling!

  4. Lovely outfit!!!

    Kisses Anne

  5. I love your interpretation of business casual! And that necklace is so cute!
    Hope the meeting went well!

  6. Love your hair!


  7. I think this outfit is too adorable. The blue and grey are absolutely great together!

  8. Amazing outfit, I just love your skirt <3


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