04 August 2011

Style Peek: pink floral button-up + bright red lips

A triple fashion risk today friends...a tucked in blouse AND bright red lips AND pairing red and pink! I've been dying to try the red lips trend for a while, but of course fear held me back. I've always been a pretty 'au natural' gal when it comes to make-up but I am consciously trying to break out of my rut a little. I've admired this trend on Steffy's Pros and Cons and Lost in the Haze - they both do it so beautifully. Plus I felt like it was a little bit of a fun tribute to my grandma... So I gathered up my 6 MAC empties in exchange for a free lipstick (I've always loved how MAC offers this program!). The girl helped me pick out Lady Bug, a sheer orangey-red lipstick

Mmmmm, I think I like it. Sometimes I like it. Sometimes I felt a little clownish. Walk into a bad lighting situation with this stuff on and you may never wear red again :) Regardless, I'm glad I tried it because pushing myself is what leads to growth and self-confidence and maybe even - a signature look!

I decided to wear my bold red look with a pink button-up, cause I kind of love this colour mix trend too. My black accessories were my attempt to 'tone things down' - ha ha, I think that train left the station!

pink floral button-up shirt - Gap
chambray skirt - Old Navy
black leather belt - Gap
black leather flats - Aldo

Tell me friends, what do you think of the red lips trend? What was the last beauty risk you took with your routine?


  1. Skirts with pockets are the BEST.

  2. Girl, I want your wardrobe.

    I love the look and the red lips are great on you. I haven't found the right shade for me yet, my boyfriend had chuckled at me the last time I tried red.

  3. I love the red lips! I've started taking that risk recently, as well. It feels strange at first, but I love it and you look fantastic! I love that skirt, too. I have the same one, except in the darker wash!!

  4. i completely understand how you feel - i bought a bright red lipstick and every time i wear it i feel so silly (and this coming from a girl who wears what amounts to a costume almost every day.) i assure you it looks fantastic on you, where it and be proud!

  5. It's not as crazy as you think...you look chic!

    My latest risk was actually the opposite. I felt like I was doing makeup overkill, so I've temporarily stopped using eyeliner and am getting accustomed to seeing my eyes naturally (with a touch of gold or bronze shadow).

  6. I think your red lips look hot!! And what a perfectly put together outfit

  7. I love bright red lips (on most people) and have even started venturing into bright pink lip land. Lipstick colour never even used to cross my mind, but it really can make or break a look. For instance, the red lip on you is the perfect compliment to your floral and chambray combo! Really pulls out the red in the blouse :)

  8. Loving that red pout on you lady!

  9. I love it. You look great with red lips. I bought some bright pink lipstick not that long ago, but I think I like classic red better!


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