30 August 2011

Style Peek: casual striped top + chambray skirt

Eeek! I can't believe it's only 3 more sleeps until my wedding day! It's just flying by...I hope I'm able to take in and savour ever moment on Friday. Winnipeg has been blessed with a summer of beyond amazing weather and I just need it to hold out for a few more days :)

Despite the craziness, I still have to get dressed and go to work in the morning so why not share a style peek? I've fallen head over heels for tucking in (who would have thought??) and it's doubled my wardrobe remixing options.  My love affair with stripes also continues, here I paired a casual striped top with a chambray a-line skirt. Simple, classic. *Sorry for the hit or miss photos, I getting lots of practice but there's soooo much to learn!

striped top - Old Navy (similar)
chambray skirt - Old Navy
teal skinny belt - Target
necklace - gift from J (local boutique Silver Lotus)
gold flats - Steve Madden

Have an amazing day friends!!


  1. I love Old Navy's fall stuff--just bought some stripes there myself! After seeing your posts, I too have become more of a tucker :)

  2. I've always been told to avoid horizontal stripes as a curvy gal, but I am discovering that rule no longer applies! I purchased a ruched striped shirt last week and was complimented by the most fashionable woman in my office. Yay stripes!
    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, I hope the weather is great for you. :)

  3. The weather here has been amazing! We just moved into the city, and have a huge balcony, but so far no chairs to enjoy it! Hopefully it will hold out until we get to Costco!

    One last wedding in Winnipeg tip - SUNSCREEN! We totally forgot, and my husband is as red as a lobster in almost all of our pictures!

    I love the chambray skirt!

  4. HIGH FIVE for tucking in! I love it too...and it does present so many more looks! CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO GET YOURSELF ALL MARRIED!!!!!! :) Ahhh! (I feel like I *know* you...isn't the blogging world awesome like that??)


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