07 August 2011

Style Peek: basic black dress + retro shades

Hello from the weekend friends! I've been holed up since Saturday morning painting like a mad woman on my last commission before the wedding. J had to work all weekend so I downloaded an old season of Project Runway and basically painted a coat, watched an episode, painted a coat, watched an episode...this went on until midday today when I couldn't take it anymore. I was in desperate need of a fresh air/shopping break. 

So I piled my dirty hair on top of my head, FINALLY took off my pyjamas/painting clothes and threw on this stretchy summer beach dress. This isn't my favourite dress - silhouette-wise but it's super comfy. Some retro-style sunglasses and chunky teal beads made me feel a little more jazzed up. 

I hit a local thrift shop, met my girlfriend for coffee and just may have stopped into Forever 21. I found some cute things so watch for them this week!

black dress - Fairweather
wooden turquoise beaded necklace - boutique in Calgary

What has your weekend been like friends? Oh yeah, can you believe I ventured outside for my pics?? Baby steps...


  1. There is a Forever 21 in Winnipeg???
    I am currently googling.....

  2. I have a very similar dress, I really need to wear that way more! You look cute!

  3. You ARE outside! Bravo! :D I saw your tweet about Forever21. Can't wait to see what you purchased!

  4. I have a similar dress. Have you tried wearing a wide belt with it? I find that it helps to improve the silhouette of empire-like waists.
    You look super cute though and the outdoor light is super flattering! <3


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