09 August 2011

Style Peek: long coral cardigan + boyfriend jeans

Well hello there Tuesday. Why aren't you Friday?? One of my bestest girlfriends is coming to visit me this weekend from Calgary and she's bringing along her baby Milo!! I can't wait to meet him and hang - I hope he likes Auntie Lenore and Uncle Jack and cousin Gus :) Hoping for the weather to hang in there so we can spend the weekend at the beach in Gimli. I'm off Friday afternoon and Monday and just the mere thought of 1.5 days off thrills me to my toes...

Plus I had an AMAZING meeting today regarding an AMAZING opportunity that you local bloggers will want to keep your ears open for....just in the early stages so I can't tell you anything else yet, but I'll keep you lovelies posted. You'll want to know about this!

Soooo, now I'm a madwoman trying to plow through my 'to do' list before the weekend with a million cool ideas dancing in my head. Plus work is a wee bit crazy. I read another blogger say she was looking forward to 'Sleeptember'...me too honey...me too!

One of my fave (and safe) wardrobe mixes is white, denim and a pop of colour or print - it truly never fails when I stare at my closet blankly in the morning...are you getting sick of this necklace yet? It's in heavy rotation right now, just love the gold and coral for summer!

boyfriend jeans - Gap
leather belt - Gap

Have an amazing day friends! I mean it, you guys are amazing and you don't know how much it means to me that you stop by and visit - virtual hugs... You'd think blogging would be the first thing to go in this crazy busy time but I can't help it - it fulfills me too much to pause, share, connect and be me. Thanks for reading.


  1. i LOVE it! i am a long cardi kinda gal and i want that cardigan! :) it's my bday today, so if you want to send it to me.... ;) kidding- it is way too lovely on you!

  2. Sick of THAT necklace? Never! Coral looks great on you!

  3. You take the best self-photos ever Lenore. You rock.
    Ps. I just got my Style at Home mag in the mail today. It was so exciting to see your name in that "contributor's list"!!!! Yippee.

  4. I love the coral cardigan paired with the jeans. You look awesome! I think I need to add more coral to my wardrobe. It really is a flattering color!


  5. Love that outfit - the long sweater is amazing on you and I love the colour combo! And love reading your blog every morning!!

  6. Um, this might be my new favorite outfit of yours. So chill and loungy. :D Keep up the fantastic work, Lenore!!

  7. This looks like the perfect Tuesday-I-wish-you-were-Friday outfit! Comfortable, casual and yet not scrubby looking. The coral color is great on you! - Katy

  8. Love the cardigan, such a happy color. I'm looking forward to September, too, but I don't think there will be much sleeping, I'm starting college...

  9. Oh my gosh, you're so cute. Virtual hugs! Have fun with your friend! And I love this bright colour cardigan on you! I have noticed that bright colour blazers and cardigans are all the rage this fall. You're ahead of the game :)

  10. Yep. This is one of my all-time favourite outfits on you too. Gorgeous :)

  11. I love this particular look Lenore (jeans, white shirt, sweater), especially since your sweater is that fabulous coral colour!!


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