03 August 2011

The Story Behind...Claudine's Grandmother's Jacket

Thanks so much for the submissions you've been sending in for 'The Story Behind...', I'm loving getting to know you all just a little bit better!  Plus it's making me really think about items I own and what they mean to me...

Today's story is all about a jacket that belonged to Claudine's grandmother and is now being passed on to a new generation. What a unique piece!

Natalie in her great grandmother's jacket

My late grandmother, Evelyn, was a petite high school student when she had her friends sign this jacket, and then she embroidered over what they wrote. I think it's the coolest. I love the phrases found on it, from "jitter bug crazy" to "dic-a-doo!" and "flat foot floosie." And then there's "Don't tell Pa," and "I'm purdy," and "Who said love is grand?"

My absolute favourite part is on the right side of the jacket, just over her heart, where it reads: "Don and me."  Don was my grandfather. They were high-school sweethearts. The jacket is a wonderful glimpse of my grandmother's life as a fun-loving teenager, as well as a moment in a generation who had names like Arnie and Margaret, Willie and Millie, and Betty and Buck.

I had set aside my late grandmother's jacket with the thought of having my daughter, Natalie, model it one day. Well, by the looks of things, I should have thought of it sooner. If Natalie were to shrug her shoulders, the garment would shred like one of Dr. Bruce Banner's shirts on a bad day.

I still think it looks cute on her, and I only wish my Grandma could see her in it today.

Thank you so much Claudine! What an incredibly fun piece of history to be able to pass on to your daughter. Be sure to also stop by Claudine's blog to see what else she's been up to or say hello on Twitter

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Have a lovely day friends! I'll be back in a bit with a special post about Gus...


  1. That is too cool for school- such a great creative piece of oneself to pass on.

  2. that is so cool!

    Lindsey Turner


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