19 August 2011

Style Peek: white oxford + skinny jeans + owl scarf

Happy Friday friends! I'm feeling a billion times better heading into the weekend. I knocked off a few more to-do's in the last few days and all we have to do this weekend is clean up our Gimli condo for the winter renters and putter around the house. Awesome! I had a dress fitting last night and we're very close...I can't believe in exactly two weeks I will be walking down the aisle!!

Well, as promised, the Winnipeg weather took a dramatic turn and scorching hot turned to fall cool. I can't lie, I was a little excited to break out this scarf I bought early in the summer and have been saving for this kind of day (the day that never came ALL summer!!). It's got that gorgeous coral peach colour in it that I'm loving and you can't see, but there are owl designs on it. That make me think of you Cassie! So it seemed only fitting to let it shine with a simple variation on the white oxford and some skinny jeans.

multi-coloured owl scarf - local boutique Out of the Blue

Are you excited for fall weather friends? Or dreading it like the plague??


  1. I have a (small) collection of about 40 glass, ceramic, brass, and wood owls. I love your scarf...and d'accord, I can't wait for fall!



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