27 August 2011

The Story Behind...Elinor's thrifted cottage decor!

Good morning everyone! I hope you're all have a great start to your weekend. I'll be busy puttering around with last minute wedding details, but I wanted to share this amazing 'story behind' that was sent in from Elinor. This lucky lady has her very own cottage on Vancouver Island - one of my dream destinations. She did a great job furnishing her space with all kinds of fantastic budget finds. She shares the details with us today!

I spent a whole month this summer going to garage sales and flea markets and furnishing our new house in Qualicum Beach, on Vancouver Island, from scratch. I'm calling it Palm Tree Cottage because it even has a palm tree in the back yard. I decided to go for the mid-century look because that was the vibe of the house, and that style of furniture is plentiful and way cheaper than antique.
Here's a photo of my family room. OK, I won't lie, I did buy the couch on sale at Sears! But everything else in the room is a flea market find:
Floor lamp, $15, garage sale.
Table lamp, $2, garage sale.
Authentic vintage Danish teak coffee table, $40, junk store.
Orange vinyl armchairs, $35 each, junk store.
Teak end table, $10, garage sale.
TV stand, $35, thrift store.
Drapes, half-price at Fabricland and I hemmed them myself.
Cushion, half-price at Fabricland, $5.
Buddha batik on wall, free, my husband brought it home from Thailand in 1972.
Even the patio furniture was bought used from a second-hand store.
All the other rooms in the house are pretty much the same. I even found a whole range of orange and brown flowered dishes, and vintage glasses, for my kitchen!

What an oasis you have there Elinor! Talk about stretching your budget - I love love how you thrifted and hunted and found such great treasures to make the space your own - lovely job!

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Have a lovely Saturday friends!

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  1. very cool! i love the breakdown of items.that floor lamp was a steal. elinor rocks.

    xo Alison


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