25 August 2011

Style Peek: aqua tie blouse+ denim skinnies

Hey friends...how is your Thursday going? I'm busy as a bee but of course, I can't stop blogging - I just love chatting with you guys and reading all your blogs (I do you know, even if I don't always have time to comment! My fave way to read blogs is on my mobile...). So thanks for hanging out with me as I head into the last week pre-wedding. I have a fabulous line-up of guest bloggers scheduled while I'm away so don't think about going anywhere!

For yesterday's outfit, I tried out a bit of a new silhouette for me. I was totally drawn to this vivid aqua tie-front blouse/cardigan on the sale rack at Forever21+ and a little marker spot on the shoulder gave me a further 10% off - score! I paired it with my white slouchy pocket tank and my denim skinny jeans, I think the flowy top works well the the tighter pants. It's not the most versatile top in my wardrobe but with the cream embroidery details, it's definitely one of the prettiest!

aqua embroidered tie-front blouse - Forever21+
white slouchy pocket tank - Old Navy
denim skinny jeans - Gap
bronze sandals - Zellers

I try very hard to share accessible, affordable style with all of you - so just wanted to make sure you knew...you can order online at Forever21 and Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic to anwhere in Canada. 

For Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic, you can shop all three stores in one order, prices are in CDN$, you don't pay duty and shipping is free on orders over $50. I've ordered from all three and been very happy.  Returns can be done via the stores or through the mail.

For Forever21, all prices are in CDN$ and they are currently offering free shipping on orders over $60. I haven't ordered from them yet but it's a great alternative to hitting the malls or waiting for a vacation shopping trip. You can return to the store for credit or exchange, or by mail for a refund. All the links are attached above! 

Happy shopping friends and let me know if you have any questions...


  1. I'm in aqua envy right now! Lovely!

  2. What a pretty colour :)

    Also... Oh my GOSH, am I ever an online shopper. I had THREE Gap orders show up at my house this week (in my defense - KIND OF - half was toddler stuff and all of it was on sale).

    I love the free shipping. And you can almost always find a coupon code to save even more. And returns are super easy. I'm obviously converted!

  3. This is a great look, the details in the shirt are adorable! :)



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