24 August 2011

Style School: Thrift Your Style Fears...

Hello and welcome to another edition of Style School! It's actually more like a group study session since I am learning as I go... :) 

Today we're talking about clothes thrifting. Some gals are old pros at this, some (like me) are total greenhorns. I've always had a bit of a fear of clothes thrifting (even though I thrift everything else you can think of!) because I'm a hard to fit size - I live in size purgatory somewhere between regular and plus sizes, throw in that I'm 5'11" and it becomes an extra challenge. But this girl-on-a-budget is determined, to say the least. I had a few thrift shopping misshaps and went home, made notes and adjusted my game plan. Cause that's what us Type A's do, right ladies?

I needed focus - so I decided to pick 2 trends/styles I've been wanted to try but have been too scared to invest in with any real money. For me, it's the oversize boyfriend blazer and the maxi skirt. I LOVE seeing these on other bloggers but never had the guts to try them myself. Plus you can only wear so many cardigans....I hit the thrift store with these two trends in mind and ignored the rest of the store. Okay, ever other section except the books - I can never resist!

Here's how I did:


I hit up both the mens and women's blazers, because you never know. I found this classic in the ladies section - it's super old and came from Sears originally. At home, I opened up about 2 inches in the inside shoulder seams, ripped out the shoulder pads and voila! A modern update.

For the maxi, I searched the skirt section and tried on several options - looking at both a size up and a size down from my usual (you never know!). I found this little eggplant gem and would you believe it has pockets?? So awesome. Don't tell anyone, but it's a brand I would NEVER buy in the store...go on gut, if you like something - that's cool! Make sure you style it in a way that's you. I paired the maxi with a simple slouchy white tank and gold accessories.

So the moral of the story is...try thrifting for specific things you're interested in or have been nervous about trying - it will give focus to your shopping trip, easy you into clothes thrifting and save you $$ on styles you're just trying out!

Tell me friends - what's your biggest style fear? Would you ever consider thrifting to try it?


  1. I love the look of the urban turban, but I'm a chicken to wear one.

  2. I completely agree. When it comes to thrifting, it's all about styling. Look for the potential. Cuteness!

  3. I love your finds! I just started thrifting clothes, as well after being inspired by fashion bloggers. I recently purchased this "granny jacket" that is about 10 sizes bigger than my "usual" but is long, black, sheer with vibrant orange and green flowers....$5 and the tags were STILL ON! I belted it and it will be an amazing fall piece! Happy thrifting!! (And good luck with your last minute wedding prep!)

  4. I have been searching for a dress that looks great on me. Still searching! I'm generally in the same purgatory of size clothing that you are (though I'm a whole lot shorter at 5'4"). I can not find a dress that doesn't make me look dumpier, or pregnant.
    My biggest thrifting with clothes has to be doing a free clothing swap with friends! I was really worried there would be nothing there for me but actually found a whole ton of pieces, and emptied out a lot of my unused clothes from the wardrobe at the same time. Totally recommend it!

  5. Are you in the least bit craft-inclined? My goal for this fall is to look beyond the size and focus more on the fabric type and pattern. I hope to then see if I can tailor it to fit me, like Sarah from Wearing It On My Sleeve or Meredith from Yours, Mine & Ours do. Of course, it might be hard to add length to things!

  6. Brilliant idea!!!! :) Then you don't waste tons of $$ if the pieces don't work!


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