03 August 2011

Happy Birthday Gus!

Dear Gus,

I never had a dog growing up, so I didn't know what it was like to love a furry little boy...until your dad convinced me to get you. You melt my heart every day with your zest for life and carefree attitude. You don't have a mean bone in your body, so we love watching you play with children and babies. You sniff around and you love to smell the air (especially riding in the boat or hanging out the car window, I love that!). You're fiercely independent, but you graciously give me clingy morning cuddles. You're a bit of a troublemaker at times, but you've taught me to lighten up and laugh more. You bring joy to our house and love to our hearts. Thank you for being the most amazing dog I could ever ask for. Happy 2nd birthday Gussy!


  1. Lenore - this is adorable and I'm proud to say I know EXACTLY how you feel. Happy birthday Gus!

  2. Aw, dogs make the world a better place, don't they?! My beagle is my heart. :)

  3. I feel that way about my cat...

  4. What a sweet letter to your doggy! :) Happy 2nd bday, cute little fellow! :D

  5. Happy birthday Gus! Nice letter:)


  6. What a precious little guy! Happy birthday! He's sooooo cute!


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