30 May 2010

The Weekend Good and Bad

So the bad is that the city's torrential downpour came seeping into our brand new renovated mudroom.

Ah the quick fix.  Tupperware and coffee containers to catch that nasty water.  The rain has stopped and so has our problems (for now!).  J is going to redo the roof on that section (we had just ordered a full roof of shingles last week in anticipation of doing it all in August) and install a new window.  Could be worse though...I saw the news.

And the good?  Sweet J cleaned the house today while I was off galivanting at a bridal shower and picked me up some lovely blooms to make me smile.

What a sweetheart! 

What was the good and bad of your weekend?

Written with love,


  1. He cleaned AND he got you flowers? Keeper!

  2. bad: coming home to find water in our basement. we think the sewer backed up since it wasn't around the walls. boo!

    good: having a good max weekend (for the most part) + spending time scrapbooking!

  3. Thanks Kristin, I think so too.

    Oh no Flo (love how that rhymes)! You too? That sucks. I hope nothing got too badly destroyed?

    Oh Max, every weekend is going to get better and better! Can't wait to meet him.



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