24 May 2010

Shades of Gray

May long weekend has come and gone and as usual, with less than desireable weather!  But it was great to get away and take the year's inaugeral boat ride. 

Gus the Fisherdog taking his first boat ride!

Gray, gray and more gray!

The boots I had to buy at the Bargain Store because I foolishly left my cute rubbers back at home...
The hat I had to buy at the Bargain Store to keep my hair under control in the wind...

Crashing waves on a lake that NEVER sees waves!

The sun poked its head out the next day but the hurricane force winds meant no boat rides.

J put a wood floor in the cabin this year and what a difference it makes.  Years and years of god-knows-what's-in-here nasty carpet was pulled up and J installed a salvaged gym floor maple mixed with a few tigerwood boards.  It lightens up the whole place and the floor design is quirky and unique.  Love it!

I found a fab used couch set on Kijiji for a major bargain and it's got the perfect rustic, retro cabin feel with very comfy cushions!  They were put to good use with all the movie watching we did during the rain!

As always, it was good to go but it's good to be home.

What did you get up to for your weekend?  Do you love coming back home after a getaway?

Written with love,


  1. Floors look awesome. So does the couch. Weather was not so bad here, it only really rained today during the day.

  2. great post!! what an adorable cabin. I love, love your flooring. How handy your man is. My H, not so much but I do love him!! Beautiful lake. You will have many peaceful days there...

  3. Love the retro tiered side table.. I have one in our basement. I think at some point everyone has owned one.

  4. Oh my, this looks like the perfect long weekend! Getting away - the physical change of scenery is so good for the soul. Being near water is always calming to me. And your pup, handsome Gus! Thanks for sharing the photos and beauty with us.

  5. Thanks all, it's such a nice breather to get away. Although i do get blogging withdrawl!!

    Yes - that chocolate laminate side table is a prerequisite for anyone who passed through the 70's!



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