28 May 2010

Project Pretty Porch

Last night, J and I picked up a small used shed on Kijiji (yes, we love getting stuff cheap!) for $85, a fraction of what we would have spent on a new one.  It needs to be cleaned up and a bottom made for it.  Then we're going to paint it greyish-blue to match our house.  'Oh another project' sighed J. 'You love it.' I said. 'We're going to be doing projects for the rest of our life...'.  He agreed.

The acquisition of the shed was very exciting because:
A - we don't have a garage, so we are quickly accumulating gardening tools with nowhere to put them and...
B - the charming little enclosed front porch we have is turning into storage cental and I have big plans for it this summer.

The space is tiny - probably 6' x 5', with wood floors, faux brick vinyl on the house part and amazing waist to ceiling windows on 3 sides.  It's dirty, chipping and ugly.  But I think it could be glorious, by lightening it up with lots of bright, fresh paint and accenting it by painting the door and adding a nice chair and a floor mat.  So that is one of my daunting summer projects.

In order to jumpstart the inspiration, I've found some pics of amazing enclosed porches to share with you.
{Photo from Cote de Texas}

 {Photo from Vixen Hill}

 {Photo from Archinspire}

Can't you just picture yourself sipping an icy cold lemonade, curled up with a book as the sun streams through the windows and the breeze tickles your skin?

What amazing summer projects do you have planned to pretty up your space?

Written with love,


  1. love that last photo. gorgeous!

    xo Alison

  2. Such a pretty photos and that was such a great buy...Well done!
    Have a fantastic weekend :)


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