10 May 2010

A Pair of Boston Doors

Thank you for sending me your doors!  Here are two that were captured by Charity on a trip to historic Boston last year.

They both have such an air of mystery with their long corridors and only a hint of door in the distance.

Boston's amazingly rich history and stunning architecture makes for many fantastic doors.

Don't you just want to wander down the halls, open them up and catch a peek of what lies on the other side?

Written with love,


  1. thanks so much for your comments! how is Manitoba these days?! the weather? I wish I could picture what the city looks like. I also have a thing for doors and doorways. lovely post.

  2. Wow. The second picture is my favorite.

  3. Manitoba is great thanks! We are in full spring mode. I will try to take some good photos so you can get a better sense of the city's vibe!

    We're no Boston but we hold our own with some great historical architecture!



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