15 May 2010

Saturday Randoms

Happy weekend to you!

It's a gorgeous day in Winnipeg and I'm loving the sun.  The city is buzzing with people out and about and there's extra traffic with the city's freebie weekend.  It's not too late to put your unwanted items out on the curb.  Just remember to write free on them!  I did a few rounds but didn't find anything yet.  I was hoping to pick up some old wooden dressers or side tables to fancy up.

Met up with S for lunch and a walk down Corydon.  It had been too long and was nice to catch up.  Why not call up an old friend this weekend and make plans to get together?

We shared a delightful lunch at Bread and Circuses on Lilac.  I love ordering a turkey sandwich and being surprised to find it filled with real roast turkey!  This delighful bakery and lunch spot does a brisk business with their baked fresh daily breads and sweets.

We got us some frappucinos and walked the neighborhood in search of some great doors.

And last but not least...yay me!  I finished the sock monkey for Wyatt.  It didn't turn out too bad, if I do say so myself.  The mouth presented a bit of a challenge, but oh well....he's only 6 weeks old - he won't notice right?

What did you get up to this sunny weekend?

Written with love,


  1. Bought a second hand double jogger from a friend and went for a jog with Kirk and the kids, so nice!! Also did some park hopping to keep Ava happy, Isaak was pleased with it all! Also borrowed Aje's push mower and did the front lawn with Isaak in the Ergo Baby carrier, lawn looks great and we got some sun - great day!!

  2. I now want a bright yellow door. That is too cool!

  3. Aw, that's my old hood. Miss it tons.

  4. As an avid walker, it never occurred to me to hunt for fun/unique doors. Yet sure enough, I completely dug those pics. And freebie day? What a cool concept. Great stuff!

  5. Your town has a freebie day???? I am so jealous! How cool is that.

    My favorite thing about this post is that I could feel the Saturday-ness of it? Your day felt like a weekend. And that, I think, is exactly how weekends should be!

  6. Anna - that sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Saturday, I'm sure the kidlets enjoyed it!

    Amy - it misses you too!

    Thanks for stopping by everyone and hope you're enjoying your Sunday!


  7. that sock monkey is too cute! and since i love real turkey sandwiches too, i should really head over to bread and circuses. i've never been!


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