21 May 2010

This weekend is for you...

I'm off to the lake this weekend to savour the first gorgeous long weekend of summer! 

 Like most of you, I've started plugging all kinds of weddings, showers, book club meetings, birthdays and vacations into my summer calendar.  And as always, I start to feel a wee bit overwhelmed when almost every single weekend starts to get booked up.  The long, lazy days of summer are my absolute favourite.  But of course, life has events and people and obligations.

So this year, I'm going to try to do less summer planning and more summer enjoying.  One day at a time.  Even one hour at a time!

Amongst all the other things, I'm going to fit in lots of 'me stuff'.  I'm going to get the bike tire fixed and take long rides.  I'm going to try to create a brand new salad concoction every week, and bbq as much as possible.  I'm going to trawl Value Village for great new paperbacks to consume me.  I'm going to finally sand down and fix up that purple painted bedside table I scored for $8.

And I'm going to start this weekend.  By enjoying every single moment in the sunshine, with my family, just living good.

So ciao for now, no computer out there at the lake (kind of good, kind of bad!).  But I will be back in touch on Monday and I hope you all have the most fabulous weekend.

Savour every minute of it!

Written with love,


  1. You definately have the right idea. I wish I could do that. Just sit and enjoy the things I want to do, and not all the running around for my kids.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Have a great weekend Lenore - I particularly like the salad concoction idea :) If you need any ideas I could probably let you in on some of my salad explorations. Uh, wow, geeky salad girl here.

    Summer in Manitoba gets jam packed full of crazy weekends - there just aren't enough of them, that's all. I think being careful not to fill all of them up with obligations is a very smart idea and hey, if you want to add another summer feeling weekend into your September, just give me a call and head on down!

    xo B

  3. Enjoy the weekend Lenore.

    We are going to enjoy our time in Gimili!

  4. sounds like a lovely time. enjoy it!


    xo Alison

  5. This is exactly what I need today...Thank you so much for this post! I feel like my calendar is too full with everything and the one thing I want to do is relax....Ahhh I needed this post sooooooo much!
    I would love to follow you somehow...Can you let me know how can I do it....?
    Kisses and enjoy your weekend:)

  6. That is a fantastic attitude. I think I'll do the same. I hope your weekend was amazing!

  7. Thanks all! It was great despite the not-so-great weather! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Tell me all about it?

    Diana - I installed a Follow Me widget or you can subscribe with your email. Let me know how it works out!


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