20 May 2010

My Summer Rides

This summer, I hope to do a lot of time cruisin'! Like around the city's winding streets and under the canopies of trees on my bike...

Gigi (yes, that's the name of the bike!) was a gift to myself when I quit life in Calgary and packed up for Manitoba.  I had visions of cruising along the streets of Gimli, a baguette in my basket and a scrarf wrapped around my hair....Anyhoo, Gigi is suffering from a bum tire so she's out of storage and ready to be fixed.  Then I plan to go for many rides!

I also plan to do a lot of time cruisin' in our boat!

When J approached me last summer and said he wanted to buy a boat, my response was 'um honey...we don't have a place to live...'.  But J is someone who truly goes with the flow so when he expresses an interest in something, it means he's really passionate about it.  The boat isn't much to look at it and it was pretty cheap as far as boats go...but it's given us hours of pure bliss floating out on the lake.  J fishing and eating Spitz at the back, me reading up at the front, with only the sounds of loons around us.  And it gives J so much joy to putter around working on the boat (this year he's souping up the seats!) that I'm so glad we bought it.  We're taking it out to Killarney this weekend for the summer's inaugeral cruise and I can't wait!

So, since we bought our house in the fall, I'm just discovering all the flowers and plants that our yard has to offer.  Imagine my delight when the trees that line the front yard bloomed into lilacs!  They look so gorgeous and with our upstairs bedroom windows open, the sweet scent wafts lazily through and makes me happy everytime I'm up there.

What a sweet surprise!

How do you plan to spend your long weekend?

Written with love,



  1. Woohoo transportation! lol

  2. Sounds like a great weekend for you two. Tell J that Raena Thompson from Thompson will be out at her parents in Kilarney this weekend too. She knows his sisters. K and I are going to a BBQ with a longtime work colleague and then out to Lee river for a day at the cottage...and some relaxing in the backyard....now that it is ready, we need to enjoy it. I like that you named your bike. My bike is a mountain bike so it doesn't have as much character...it would have to be called Frank or Joe or something very plain and rugged. It could be a girl name too.

  3. That bike is so cute and I adore that you named it! So sweet! Your plans sound so lovely...I hope to do a lot of bike riding too:)
    Have a wonderful Friday:)
    Kisses...I love this post

  4. I am going to commandeer your boat and leave you with a pair of water wings..

    cute bike :) those cruisers are sweet rides.

  5. Hey Lenore,
    Just checking what I come up as for my new blog....love the bike!


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