30 May 2010

Treasure Hunting

Saturday I finally found my way to the Old House Revival Co.  S had to cancel (really S, who drinks too much at our age??) so J graciously stepped in for an afternoon of 'antiquing'.  What a good sport he is!

Well it truly was a treasure trove of amazing finds.  From turn of the century bathtubs to stained glass windows to 50's kitsh to antique hardware, the place is packed floor to ceiling with items from eras gone by.  I was a little overwhelmed with the volume but excited for more visits where I can focus on searching for something specific for the house.

I picked up a few glass knobs for a side project, watch for the before and after in an upcoming post.

How did you spend your Saturday?

Written with love,


  1. Well...I spent it in bed...recovering....sorry I had to cancel. I still want to go though...any time...I love the chandeliers in your pic...I still need to channel Sarah Richardson bargain hunting...I'm sure J was way more fun and exciting than me anyways...

  2. Ha ha - I'm just teasing you my little lush! For sure we will go another time...we will be twin Sarahs!



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