26 May 2010

I {heart} Anthropologie

How am I supposed to concentrate on work when this pops into my inbox?

Oh how I love Anthropologie...I love the photography and the gorgeous clothes and I want to be wherever they are in their luscious catalogue shots.

Does this gal look darling in her teal strapless summer sundress?  And oh how she maximizes her wardrobe by simply swapping out her day for night accessories...

Okay, back to work now!

Written with love,


  1. If I had the money, I think I could quickly get over my objections to shopping exclusively at one store(it always seems so boring and uncreative to just pick clothes straight out of a single source) and fill my wardrobe entirely with stuff from Anthropologie.

  2. i love it too... they always have what you need!

  3. oh, i am SO glad i don't subscribe to their email list! that would be torture!!


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