31 May 2010

Sunday Showers

Showers are the theme of the weekend so it seems appropriate that I spent Sunday at a bridal shower.

The lucky bride-to-be is Jen of Artful Musings from the Gallery Gal.  If you have a love of art, you should check out her blog about owning her own gallery.

We were treated to lovely food, especially these fancy cookies from the High Tea Bakery.  Delicious!

We answered an all-about-Jen questionnaire (I failed miserably since we are newly acquinted through our fellas) and ,watched her open her mountain of gifts.

This is Jen with all those crazy ribbons they make you wear!  Thanks for including me in your special day.

For you married gals out there - did you have a shower?  What was your favourite part?

Written with love,


  1. not married but have what seems to be a shower a week this year! they sure are fun to host though ;)


  2. wow, I read your back story and its so interesting! what cold city are you in?!

  3. I'm in Winnipeg, Canada! Although it's not too bad right now, but winters are brutal!

    Not married either but there sure are a lot at this age!


  4. I had a shower...it was awesome...cookies from high tea bakery too and tons of little sandwiches from Rae and Jerry's...my favorite...obviously the shower was way better than the marriage!

  5. Thanks Lenore! It was such a fun day and I felt very spoiled. Thanks for being there to share the day and for the Tiber River GC. I can't wait to book a service and pick up some lotions.


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