18 May 2010

Say Yes to You

Today's topic on the Momalom 5 for 10 Challenge is Yes!

 Yes to a few extra minutes in the shower.

Yes to a second helping of dessert.

Yes to sleeping in on Saturdays.

Yes to those cute pair of earrings you saw in the window.

Yes to crying on someone's shoulder.

Yes to the free sample at the supermarket.

Yes to a hug.

Yes to eating on the patio.

Yes to turning off the computer for a whole day.

Yes to putting unwashed hair into a bun and calling it styled.

Yes to The Bachelorette.

Yes to letting him think about dinner.

Yes to letting the dog jump all over you.

Yes to wide leg jeans.

Yes to an extra chapter before bed.

Yes to daydreaming.

Yes to singing out loud in traffic.

Yes to Lady Gaga.  And other top 40 favourites.

Yes to Starbucks in the afternoon.

Yes to laying down sod over the shrubs and flower beds.

Yes to a blog post that makes you nervous to post...

Yes to sometimes saying no.

Written with love,


  1. A lovely, lovely list of yes. Although I'm pretty sure my world would explode if I turned the computer off for a whole day.

  2. I love this!! yes is much better for the soul some days. we too often tell ourselves "no" - kind of like scolding. I think the handsome young man in Room With A View yells "Yes!" to the universe. You must see it if you haven't!

  3. This is a great list! Just reading it makes me happy. We *so* need to say yes to ourselves. But sometimes it isn't easy.

    Yes to a blog post that makes you nervous? Absolutely.

  4. Reading this gives me such a great feeling! I think I need to start each day with a list of yes.
    Thank you!

  5. I need to say more often... have a nice one!

  6. Thanks for all your comments! You keep me writing!


  7. Yes to a few extra minutes in the shower - I'm all over that.

  8. Many a nice yes on your list... it almost mentally felt like I got to do a bunch of them by just reading :)

  9. Yes to the BACHELORETTE!!! I'm glad to know I'm not alone in that horrible guilty pleasure. What a terrific attitude comes through in this post.

  10. Oh I loved so many of the things on your list. But most of all? I loved this:

    "Yes to a blog post that makes you nervous to post..."

    The last two weeks have been all about this to me. And I'm so so so so very happy happy happy that I have persevered despite the nerves. And I find, I most usually am.


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