19 May 2010

My Special Place

It's a big day for me...I put the Gimli condo up as a vacation rental on Kijiji

Gimli Harbour at dusk

J and I are both blessed enough to have vacation properties (he shares a rustic cabin with his sister in Killarney  that's been in and out of their family for generations) so it just made sense to earn some extra money when we couldn't be there enjoying it.

But I have a special attachment to Gimli a I lived there for 5 months on my own freelance writing when I first moved back to Manitoba.  Gimli has always had a special, magical quality to me and I had wanted to buy property there for several years before it actually became a reality.  For those who don't know, it's a quaint little village 1 hour north of Winnipeg on Lake Winnipeg.  It was originally an Icelandic settlement and retains much of that history and charm today.  Because the lake is so massive, you feel like you are at the ocean instead of the lake!  The lovely little downtown is lined with cute shops, tasty restaurants and lots of places to get ice cream.  I feel so relaxed when I'm there!

Deck of the condo

It's been a huge learning curve taking on taxes, insurance, write-offs and marketing.  But I found an amazing blog resource called Cottage Blogger along the way to help me out.  It's a really good thing and I'm anxious to dive into the rental property business and learn and grow along the way.

What's your special, magical vacation spot?

Written with love,


  1. mmmm, i'm going to have to think about this. i've been dreaming about montana recently. those mountains + sky...heaven. of the places i've been, prince edward island was pretty magical.


    xo Alison

  2. Good for you!
    My father in law has this little mountain house that we adore...Whenever we have a weekend off we always try to go there to chill and relax :)
    Have a lovely Thursday!


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