26 May 2010

A list of things I'm grateful for after being stuck in traffic

Who doesn't love lists?  I'm going to incorporate them more into the blog and I'm starting with a really bad list title.  Sorry.  Nasty traffic will do that to your mood.

Winnipeg has the most random bursts of unexpected traffic hell.  Most days my drive home is 15-20 minutes.  Some days I clock in at a record-breaking 8 minutes.  Some days are like today...

Why is it that you can leave work with a spring in your step, so excited to be headed home...only to sit in traffic for a solid hour when you live a mere 10 minutes away...and have your mood hit the pavement?

I know, it's silly to let it bother you.  After all, we have no control right?  Well I'm guilty of of having the patience of a pebble.  Traffic sucks and it makes me cranky.  So in order to turn my venting into an Oprah-esque dose of gratefulness...I'm writing my first list on the blog.  Of thinks I'm grateful for after being stuck in traffic.

1.  J being perceptive enough to recognize that it was not a good drive home.  J being sweet enough to offer to buy me a pizza because cooking is the last thing I feel like doing!

2. Cable.  So I can sprawl on the couch, eating said pizza and flipping between the finale of American Idol, Minute to Win it and HGTV's the Property Shop.  Awesome!

3.  My dog.  Oh how those sweet brown eyes and snuggle softness can turn me into a mess of baby talk and pure joy.

4.  The dishwasher.  Oh dishwasher, how I love thee...I didn't know it until I got you but you give me free time, lower my stress level and strengthen my relationship.  Kisses to you.

What are you most grateful for when the day goes to $%&*?

Written with love,

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  1. Oh yes. Ordering our favorite pizza for dinner, playing with the dog in the yard, going to bed early. These are the cures for a bad day. Your pup is adorable - the picture made me smile instantly!


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