14 May 2010

The Comfort Zone

I'm a writer.

It took me 18 years to finally say this.  But I finally believe it in my heart and feel comfortable telling people.

Does this mean I write 23 hours a day?  Nope.  Does this mean I've got a row of published novels perched on the shelves at Chapters?  Sadly no.  Does this mean I think about writing as much as I think about breathing?  Sure do.

It didn't start out that way.  Although I was drawn to english classes and earned praises from my teachers, I didn't think I was a writer.  Although I published my first international magazine article at age 20 while living in England, I didn't think I was a writer.  Although I spent 10 years freelancing on everything from restaurant reviews to band interviews to business profiles, I didn't think  I was a writer.  But yet I always thought about writing...

I've read almost every book on the subject - from Stephen King to Writing a Novel for Dummies.  I've taken courses.  I read a novel a week and every magazine, newspaper and flyer I can find lying around.  I've started six novels, some sad bits of poetry, 2 plays....the list goes on.

I have an uncle who's a writer and he told me that non-writers don't spend all their time thinking about writing.   So I HAD to be a writer.  Still didn't believe him.

What changed?  A few things.  I got a little older.  I got a little more comfortable with who I am.  I quit the job that didn't satisfy me and looked and looked until I found one that did, copywriting for an advertising agency.  Now I get to geek out thinking about words and meanings all day!

Then I discovered blogging.  And it has literally changed my life.

Because I have the attention span of a knat.  And I can never commit to one idea.  And I can be lazy.  So writing little bits here and there on the blog is the most perfect medium for me. 

But a funny thing happened when I started blogging.  I started to get more inspired for my writing in general.  Duh, probably because I'm actually writing every day (even if it's in small chunks).  But also because of the community I'm building.  I'm finding blogs I love, that really get my thinking and conversing.  And others are finding me, and joining in my conversation.  I'm truly inspired!  I'm thinking about my writing again and what I want to say and how I'm going to do it.  I will write a book one day, and I have a funny feeling this blog is going to help me get there.

Next post I'm going to share my blogging goals for 2010...in hopes that 'putting it out there' will keep me on task!

What do you get out of blogging or reading blogs?  Does it reach beyond to other aspects of your life?  What are you finally comfortable calling yourself?

Written with love,

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  1. I am constantly amazed by how much my blogging fuels my writing and my life. It get so much out of it. And it was completely unexpected.


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