13 May 2010

Clean closet = Happiness

Are you a contingency person?

I am.  I have a plan for everything.  Literally.

I research, I plan, I prepare.  I prepare again.

Like say bathroom products.  If I am using my contact lens solution, then I need another bottle in the 'contingency' cupboard.

If my favourite flip flops are wearing down, I'm on the search for the next perfect flip flop (the contingency pair).  Before I've even enjoyed my time with the first ones. 

Recently, I got a brand new bathing suit, new black leather ballet flats, and a bunch of new bras.

Think I was able to get rid of the old sagging bathing suit, ripped and scuffed black flats and worn-out, ill-fitting bras?  Oh no.  I must have them {just in case}.  What does that even mean?  That all my current bras will instantly become lost and I will have to resort to wearing the old ones that still don't fit right?

As a shopping lover, this issue mostly extends to clothing items and accessories, so I'm not going to apologize for that.  But  having recently bought a house with no closets (damn you 1900's homes), the tiny space i do have just can't take anymore contingencies!

I know I'll never end up on Hoarders (please don't get the wrong idea), but even a small amount of clutter or an overflowing closet sends me into discombobulation.  It messes with my mind, I can't focus on other things knowing deep down I do have too. much. stuff.

There's a few theories that may be to blame:

1. I was brought up to value the money I made and the money I spent.  So maybe I just think I might one day need it and therefore must keep it and make good use of it.
2. I have to try on a lot of items to find the clothes I love (chalk this up to my height, body type, discerning taste, whatever...).  So subconciously I think maybe I won't find another pair of jeans that fit as good as my contingency pair.
3. I loved it at one point and still do.  It's not like we're kids anymore where clothes cycle out because they don't fit.  Sometimes they just aren't 'right', even if they cost too much.  It's hard to say good-bye...

I need to learn to let go. 

So this weekend I am clearing the clutter!  Banishing all the 'contingency' items to charity, the garbage, my sister (for the good stuff that doesn't fit).

Clean closet = Happiness.

Have you done your spring closet clean-up?  Are you able to maintain a small but useful wardrobe or are you a hopeless clothes horse like me??  Are you a contingency person?

Written with love,


  1. Nice read!

    I agree about the clutter.

    Teaching the "just let go" is a hard to do task. Especialy when negotiatiing with a 10 year old girl who cherishes everything.

    This is a good weekend to do this as it is Winnipeg's free weekend. Throw the "let go" items on your curb with a free to good home sign.

  2. I AM A CONTINGENCY PERSON! For sure. I found myself nodding and laughing as I read about your old shoes and bras. Funny, you and I must be on the same wave length right now, because last week I did a MAJOR overhaul of my closet. I reduced by at LEAST 50%. It was painful but so necessary and I feel lighter now. :) So good luck with your cleaning mission.

    Thanks for stopping by Embrace the Detour today! So happy to have "met" you and so excited to check out the rest of your blog!

  3. Jason - I can imagine how hard it would be to teach a young girl! Maybe it's too early for her, ha ha!

    Thanks Lauren, I did manage to successfully clear out and a lot and you're right - I do feel lighter!


  4. Lenore this could not be more ME! For a couple weeks now I had a box ready to take over to my mom's. She is the opposite of me and at the stage in her life that she wants to get rid of things. She is always collecting for and calling CD to come pick up. The other day I finally remembered to bring it over but before doing so, I wanted to just quickly refresh myself on what I had decided to get rid of. Big mistake. I ended up having a change of heart about 4 or 5 different sweaters. I know I will NEVER be anywhere close to one of those people on hoarders but I sure have a hard time getting rid of things I don't need.

  5. I'm so happy to meet a kindred spirit Jen! Isn't it so hard to give something up? I mean, what if? What if???

    Thanks for nurturing my neurosis!



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