11 May 2010

Pie and Conversation

It doesn't get much better than sugar pie, hot tea and philosophical conversations with Grandma.

We stopped into Finales in St. Boniface on a rainy Monday evening to celebrate Mother's Day and catch up on my recent vacation to the Keys.  They serve scrumptious desserts and other tasty treats.  Lots of windows, light and comfy seating makes this one of  my fave tea and sweets spots in the city.

Grandma Joyce is turning 90 years old this year and she is one cool grandma.  Sharp as a tack and refined as a queen, she loves big band and used to send me the Vanity Fair music issue every year as a teen.

We talked motherhood (so much easier back then, now you have to learn all the technology to keep up), travelling (her next dream trip is to cruise through Alaska or ride past castles on the Danube), the oil spill crisis (she thinks they're not telling us the impact on the coastline animals), and the ipad (she loves the feel of the newspaper in her hands).

Mmmm, what a delicious evening.

Don't you get the feeling you're really getting the straight goods when you hear it from someone who's been watching the world go by for almost 90 years?

Written with love,


  1. Grandma Joyce is one amazing lady!

  2. Grandma Joyce is one cool lady for sure...she is hip, hep, with it and 'au current' (not sure of the correct French spelling) and it takes one very cool, hip, hep, insightful granddaughter to recognize and appreciate wisdom and grace when she sees and feels it.

    It also takes one very loving daughter and granddaughter to write proudly and share photos of two special women (your Mother and Grandmother) who have made such a notable difference to your life.

    With love from,

  3. Yes, we're lucky to have her!



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