31 May 2010

To Sir with Love

The after work blog post.  Best written accompanied by a big glass of merlot...

My dad lives in Calgary so like most long-distance parent/child relationships, we chat on the phone every week to two weeks.  But unfortunately, neither of us are huge fans of the phone so our talks are usually short, sweet and to the point.  The weekend catch up, filling in on any events or items of note, and a sprinkling of current events/weather.  It works for us but I often miss the longer talks we would have when we lived close and had our weekly breakfast dates at Nellie's.

Dad was the first person who ever told me I would be a writer.  Funny how dads can be right sometimes...

Anyway, when I was chatting with Dad's wife Laura, she told me that Dad reads my blog every day.  I had no idea.  I mean, I write girly stuff mostly - clothes, pretty things, reflecting on life.  So it came as a surprise.  A very, very pleasant surprise.

I asked Dad about it and he apologized for never commenting.  But I don't care about that.  I just care that he's still loving and supporting me in his own little way, 33 years later.

Love you Dad and thanks for reading.  This one's for you...

What makes your dad special?

Written with love,


  1. this is so cute! my dad is always the one i go to for advice and he always has my back :)

  2. Dear Lenore,
    What an amazing tribute to your Dad...the acknowledgement and regard you have written in this posting will be imprinted in your dad's heart for keeps.


  3. This is priceless. The father-daughter relationship is superbly unique, and it's amazing how a dad can provide encouragement to his daughter that no one else really can. Very heartwarming, Lenore - and Dad.

    And both the photos are adorable!

  4. Thank you all - he really is a great dad. It was nice to honour him with a post!



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