16 June 2010

You make me blush

I'm a blush gal.

It's the one product that I believe creates a major transformation.  Straight up, put me on a deserted island and tell me I can only have one beauty product (horror) and I choose blush!  I'm seriously going to be THAT old lady with way too much blusher on.  I probably already am.  But I'm okay with that.

 {Image from Sephora}

My go-to blush is Benetint.  LOVE IT.  It lasts all day (which powder blush never does) and (I think) it looks super natural and flushed.  It's crikey expensive (don't tell J!) but it lasts me close to a year and I cannot live without it.

I'm almost out so it was time to head to Sephora for a refill.  Once again, I lingered around all the other blushers, because we ladies love a change.  But no. Back to old faithful!

What's your must have beauty item on a deserted island?

Written with love,


  1. this is one of my fav products too but I had TWO that eventually leaked/cracked which peeved me off- I ended up getting a gel one by Balmshell (Toronto based company- but they sell at Sephora) anyway works well and so far has never broken on me.
    And BTW I still have a damaged bag from the stupid leak- so I'm pretty bitter.

  2. i'm definitely a blush girl too. in the summer, i really only wear blush and concealer.
    i'll have to try benetint, as i agree with you - powder blush sucks. right now i'm using MAC cream blush and love it!

  3. I love a good blush, but I'd choose mascara - no question.

  4. hmmm good question...I think I'd choose eyeliner or mascara...I'll find a bottle that has both :)

  5. Oh Lady Ren - I too have experience Benetint leakage and it's not pretty. I just love it too much!

    Flo - cream blush is my next choice to try, I really want to get the Tarte roll on sticks!

    You mascara gals, you must have naturally rosy cheeks!


  6. Tarte Blush rocks. I've had mine for 5 years... still is perfect.

  7. Mmmm... for the quickie makeup fix it's always mascara, concealer, blush and lip gloss. I think I might have to pick the lip gloss as my lips would probably get chapped and sun burnt on a deserted island. :)

  8. OOh I am an over-blusher too, I can't get enough. But I think I would seriously die if I didnt have my burt's beeswax. I know thats not really a "beauty product" but I am crack-head status addicted to it. I also heart Keihls face lotion with sunscreen... geez, my beauty splurges sound like an old lady too. Sigh.


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